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Get to Know IBO2020 Volunteers! Team Guide Leader: Midori

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

IBO2020 is fortunate to have over 130 volunteers from all over Japan and the world donating their time to help make the event a success. IBO2020 would not be possible without the help of these volunteers, who will serve as team guides, team guide leaders, cultural ambassadors, workshop and field work assistants, event staff, jury guides, jury room assistants, and much more!

This is the first in a series of posts introducing you to some of our fantastic volunteers who are making IBO2020 possible!

Team Guide Leader: Midori

University: The University of Tokyo

Major: Biology

Year: 2nd year

Languages: Japanese, English, and studied some German in university

Hometown: Shinjuku, Tokyo

In Shinjuku, it’s very busy and there are a lot of people. When I get home at night, everything is still lit up and there are always people around, so even though it’s busy it is still very safe!

Hobbies: Video games (Especially Pokemon! Favorite Pokemon = Jolteon)

Favorite Animal/Plant/Fungi/etc: Echinoderms! I like sea urchins the most. I’m interested in embryology, which I first learned about while studying the development of sea urchins in high school.

One Japanese word or phrase you think is important to know :

かんがえておきます(kangaete okimasu): “I’ll think about it” - It is a very useful phrase and I say it many times!

Japanese culture you want to share with others: Karate! I’ve been doing karate for 5 years total (3 years in middle school, 2 years in university).

Your Experience with IBO:

I participated in the JBO (Japan Biology Olympiad) in 2017 in Hiroshima, and am now a IBO2020 team guide leader! I think biology olympiads are really interesting. All students at JBO are into biology and that’s a rare situation; everyone talks about biology and I can talk about biology as much as I like! It is nice to be in a community where people can understand and help you find your interest within biology too- it’s not something you can necessarily get from school. I have even met a lot of people who also participated in JBO that go to my university now.

What are you most looking forward to with IBO2020?

To see the participants get to know each other and be friends and enjoy their time together.

Advice for students: Don’t be too nervous and just enjoy the experience!


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